Thursday, February 28, 2013

Full grown man flatland bike S&M BTM

New USA made S&M BTM all fixed up. I know it's a street frame but the geometry is perfect for flat riding.This frame has the 20.5" top tube and for my size it works perfect. I have been on it for a few months and for me it could be less burly.Then again Hoder hucks himself on this frame so it has to be solid.This is my Bike check. I love this bike, it's so dialed.
Primo Sams 9" rise bars, Profile stem USA, Colony lever, Primo Headset, ODI grips USA.

Dia Compe 990 brake, tree trick stick pegs USA made, Primo n4fl front wheel, Revenge Pinner tire,Primo Strand fork. Front end is solid, brakes stop on a dime and feel smooth as butter.

Premium sealed pedals, Profile 160mm cranks w/ ti spindle & GDH hardware USA made,
cult spline drive sprocket, KMC chain, 20X1.75 Primo V monster tire. Bike pedals nice. 

Like a candy apple, Trans red is so good.

Jessup Grip tape on the trick sticks make a perfect flatland peg.

Fit Lo bolt pivotal seat on a shadow 320mm post.
I cut out the seat gut some to make room for my fingers.
Might do a how to on that one later, stay tuned. 

Nankai Bamboo hub with home made hub cleaner.

Friday, November 9, 2012


I might be one of only a few people still running brakes on a BMX bike. Even more rare than that, I only run a front brake. My current brake setup is a Colony lever, Odyssey evo 2 brake and slic cable. I was running the diatech flexie forever but ran into some trouble with that one. In the past few years, I haven't seen much in the way of "great new innovative brake parts" and there is a reason. Not as many people are running brakes these days. During one of our sunday night ride sessions, Bo asked if my shoe laces ever got tangled in my brake pad hardware. It has happened to me maybe twice in my life. Tunney said Fly bikes had some pads where the post threaded into the pad. I had to check them out. I ordered a set from a popular mailorder company as I could not find them at any of my local shops. They got here real fast (thanks Dan). I installed them and rode them yesterday and have to say there is a huge difference in performance. The compound is perfect (I got the blue ones). Installation was super easy with the hardware included, and they look SOOOOO CLEAN.... If you are like me and still run brakes. I fully recommend these pads. They ran about $13.00 and my brakes feel like a different better set.


Friday, February 17, 2012

Pacific Coast Sportfishing- Flatlander goes fishing

Jan/Feb issue of Pacific Coast Sportfishing cover. My article/story is in there on page 73.

Back in September 2011 I went on a 1/2 day fishing trip and loaded up on Humboldt squid.
I wrote a small story, sent the pic in to the magazine and they printed it. Stoked as this is
my favorite fishing magazine.

Hope they come back this year.

Monday, January 16, 2012


Jan 14, 2012- One Love crew hosted the Zuma Beach flatland bmx jam and Bunny hop contest. Redbull brought out their International DJ truck and sent some of the redbull girls out to pass out redbulls for half the day. A good solid 70 plus riders showed up throughout the day to ride, catch up, and just hang out. Flatland masters such as Day Smith, Pete Brandt, Chris Day, Arron Frost, Ed Nussbaum, Bobby Carter, Todd Carter, Bo Wade, Pearcy Marshall, John Yull, David Debuono, Mike Bobbins, Ryan Russel, Chad Johnston, Cory Fester, Brian Tunney, and many many more. The weather was perfect all day, the Redbull flowed like a river, and there was tons of room to ride. The One Love crew did it up right with great shwag bags full of killer BMX products from the awesome sponsors who love Flatland. East county bmx shop, Primo / tip Plus,, Redbull energy drinks. Here are some pics.   

Shayne Kajinoorykawakahana (One Love Shane) workin it out in front of the Redbull Rig. Thanks for the good times.

Darrin "One Love" Wright gettin the loot ready for the raffle.
Day Smith Killed it all day. Power rolling tricks and awesome switches. I bought one of his hand made rasta beanies and my 9 year old daughter claimed it when I got it through the door.
Pete Brandt came down with the Nor Cal crew and shredded the parking lot. The guy has so much energy, non stop hardcore flatland.
Ryan Russel- I think he gets my vote for up and comming rider of the year. He's got tons of skill, smooth as glass combos, rips in a skatepark, parking lot, and probably tears up street as well. Can't wait to see this kid in all the magazines.
Bunny Hop comp was super fun to watch. The rider in the photo is Robert Smith from He didn't win the $300 but he sure came close. Can't wait for next year.

Thursday, June 2, 2011



Bo Wade was in the house and gave the best trick comp a go.



Steve "dirty" Hearne took 1st place, the frame, the cash, and two beers for best trick!! One Love crew in the house!

Chris "Flat clothing" Day with his flat clothing model.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


For the past year or so I have been feeling cramped up on  my flatland bike no matter which frame I was on. I even rode a 19.75" strowler for a bit. It felt better but still not big enough. I was kinda scared to throw down cash to buy a street frame as an experiment. I finally ate it hard one day on my flatware bike and figured out that my feet (size12) as well as the rest of my body 6' 200lbs was too big for these tiny bikes designed for smaller riders.  I went and picked up a 2011 Sunday Funday in watermellon green 20.5" top tube.

New spot at Cabrillo Way Marina in San Pedro, CA.  Epic views, awesome boats, and free parking all day long.

New bike, new spot, old trick. Photo by Chris "Flat Clothing" Day.